Jeffrey Benjamin Attorney in NY

You don’t always have to be the “little guy.” The crushing culture of corporate entities in a court of law isn’t insurmountable. By researching the field and finding the right lawyer for you, the case you’d like to bring against someone or defend yourself against becomes that much more viable. Attorney Jeffrey Benjamin is one such skilled law professional who can help you navigate the often confusing court room and bring you closer to a favorable outcome. This is thanks to much practice in courtrooms defending clients much like you; people who saw something wrong with the situation and decided to do something about it.

By trusting attorney Jeffrey Benjamin to handle your case, you’re bringing aboard someone who knows how to handle business, commercial litigation, fraud and breach of contract cases. Beyond that, he has also overseen predatory lending, identity theft and other violations under the New York Deceptive Practices Act and New Jersey Consumer Fraud Truth in Consumer Contract and Warranty acts. As evidence of favorable verdicts he’s argued for and obtained, a June 2010 settlement awarded $200,000 in punitive damages as part of a landmark case involving real estate fraud. The large sum came after “lengthy and vitriolic litigation,” but the end result was exposing the defendant as a “perpetrator of fraudulent inducement and concealment.” What’s more, this case wrapped up just a month after he achieved another successful verdict a month earlier in May 2010 involving two construction contractors.

If you think you’ve got a case against a seemingly powerful entity and don’t know where to turn to, Mr. Benjamin could be the answer. Those looking to defend themselves against a lawsuit are similarly encouraged to reach out and inquire about services available. As evidenced by the successes above, Mr. Benjamin’s skills could be just what you need when appearing in a court of law.

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