N.Y. Attorney Encourages Deceptive Practices Victims To Come Forward With Claims

A recent lawsuit regarding the condition of a Ford F250 truck alleges deceptive practices by the dealership that sold it and with this in mind, attorney Jeffrey Benjamin is taking the opportunity to encourage people everywhere to come forward with their claims of being defrauded.

According to SE Texas Record, which offers unbiased reports of recently-filed lawsuits, the Galveston County, Texas resident claims in his May 10, 2017 filing that the dealer “intentionally made false and misleading representations about the condition” of the truck. The report adds that the man claims the dealership violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. He seeks a jury trial, and between $100,000 and $200,000 in damages plus interest and attorney fees.

Attorney Jeffrey Benjamin has decades of experience taking deceptive practice cases to court. What’s more, his experience and strengths in the consumer rights sector of law — namely business and commercial litigation, fraud and breach of contract cases — is boosted by the skills of fellow members of his legal practice. Mr. Benjamin always encourages members of the public to fight suspected instances of fraud. Mr. Benjamin, who is based out of New York City and Long Island, has also represented clients who came to him with cases regarding predatory lending, identity theft and violations of the New York Deceptive Practices Act and New Jersey Consumer Fraud Truth in Consumer Contract and Warranty Acts.

It’s important to find a lawyer whose background is the right fit for the lawsuit you intend to file. By trusting someone who has experience in both deceptive practice cases as well as arguing the facts before a judge and jury, you are more likely to see a favorable outcome in your case. Just one of lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin’s previous accomplishments is a jury verdict in a landmark real estate fraud case. Throughout the lengthy and at times vitriolic case, Mr. Benjamin was able to successfully argue that the defendant was a “perpetrator of fraudulent inducement and concealment.”

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