Insurance Claims Change Comes To Texas At Trying Time, Attorney Jeffrey Benjamin Says

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As if the devastation caused by deadly Hurricane Harvey wasn’t bad enough for Texans, media reports indicate that the sunset of a crucial insurance claims safeguard will take effect not long after the storm has finally faded away. According to an Aug. 28 article from the New York Post, Friday, Sept. 1, 2017 marks the beginning of new regulations that will change the way consumers can sue their insurance companies over weather-related damages. What’s more, attorneys are advising those already affected by Hurricane Harvey to file a written notice of insurance claims up until the day before the change goes into effect. By doing so, the Post report notes that “some of a consumer’s rights” will be preserved. The reason for the change, according to the Houston Chronicle, is to deter “abusive and unnecessary” insurance claims filed by “storm-chasing lawyers.”

According to consumers’ rights attorney Jeffrey Benjamin, this policy change is something everyone should be paying attention to. While the news articles stop short of calling the claims “frivolous,” it’s also important for Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey to weigh life and limb on the scales of justice. As a spokeswoman for Texans for Lawsuit Reform said, the midst of a storm isn’t the time for sales pitches. “To be out there at this time scaring people about their coverage when we are in a life-and death situation, it’s not appropriate and it’s not truthful,” the spokesman told the Chronicle. As of Aug. 29, two days before the change in policy takes effect, Hurricane Harvey had already done tens of billions of dollars in damage, but a quick recovery was still expected.

As any skilled law expert should, lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin considers both sides of this issue. However, it’s almost always up to the client to come forward, sit down for a consultation and have your attorney decide if this is a case that can move forward. Attorney Jeffrey Benjamin has litigated substantial cases involving bad-faith on the part of an insurance company denying a claim. He is intimately familiar with the risk assessment process of insurance companies and the mindset for denying a claim. An insurance company’s bad-faith can be devastating to individual consumers and their families. Consumers’ rights are issues that lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin has sought after and fought his entire career. To that end, he has represented clients who need the court system to fight deceptive practice claims, insurance bad faith, federal law violations, predatory lending, identity theft and state-level consumer fraud allegations. The change of regulations in Texas comes at trying time, says attorney Jeffrey Benjamin, but there still exists ways for people to properly file insurance claims and get their fair payments.

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