Learn From Furniture Store Now Accused Of Fraud In Lawsuit, Jeffrey Benjamin Says

jeffrey benjamin attorneyThe owner of a Buffalo, New York-based furniture store has been named in a lawsuit filed by the New York State Attorney General’s Office for allegedly requiring advance payments for products he failed to deliver. In a Sept. 27, 2017 press release from the state attorney general’s office, James Damico is accused of charging customers advance payments for furniture, “yet failed to actually deliver the items after the consumers had paid for them.” Moreover, the attorney general’s office claims Damico, owner of Chairs & Tables Inc., allegedly did not give customers estimated delivery dates – which is required by New York General Business Law.

New York-based attorney Jeffrey Benjamin says that this case is the perfect example of fraud that can and should be prosecuted. Further, the fact that the investigation was initiated in the wake of several customer complaints showcases why people who feel that they have been victimized should step forward, Mr. Benjamin says. New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman agrees and in a recent press release offers some strong words regarding Damico’s alleged behavior.

“This was a blatant attempt to cheat and rip-off consumers, who ended up losing thousands of dollars and receiving nothing in return,” Schneiderman said in the press release. “Businesses do not have a license to trick and exploit unsuspecting consumers – and we’ll continue to act to protect New Yorkers.”

According to the release, Damico must identify all of the customers who gave him advance payments and did not receive furniture in return. The suit also seeks that he post a $20,000 bond to protect any future customers and their down payments, otherwise he would be banned from the furniture business. What muddied the waters of the entire investigation, according to state attorney general’s office, was Damico’s alleged attempts to conceal his role at the business. According to investigators, he denied to undercover agents that he was in fact the owner of Chairs & Tables; the lawsuit was filed after failed attempts to contact him and establish a proper recourse for those who’d been ripped off.

As a skilled attorney, Jeffrey Benjamin says that consumers across the New York and Long Island areas should never hesitate to come forward with claims. That’s because an attorney like Mr. Benjamin can investigate said claims and file a lawsuit if he feels that there is enough evidence to substantiate the damages that clients claim. To entrust Mr. Benjamin with your case, you’ll have an aggressive lawyer on your side whose no-fear mentality has resulted in numerous favorable verdicts and settlements.

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