New York Lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin To Closely Follow Class Action Claims Against Apple

jeffrey benjamin lawyerClass action legal efforts to get to the bottom of Apple’s recent iPhone-related scandal are under way across the globe and New York is no exception. The news that broke in December 2017 focused on the fact that batteries in smartphones from the tech giant would slow down over time as to prevent a sudden shutdown. However, this was met with claims of deception. A class-action claim coming out of France states that Apple was conducting nothing short of planned obsolescence, which is a crime in that country. According to a Dec. 31, 2017 article from NPR, iPhone owners in California and Illinois are also launching class-action lawsuits alongside the New York effort. Their claims, according to the article, is that Apple failed to own up to what it was doing prior to releasing an apology and statement on why the batteries were designed to slow over time.


New York-based trial lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin is a proven champion of consumers’ rights and will be keeping tabs on these lawsuits as they progress. While it’s too early to offer a personal opinion on the facts of the case, Mr. Benjamin will still be paying attention as the litigation in New York heads to the courts. The reason why Mr. Benjamin is interested in this case is because his legal career began in 1997 and he was representing consumers in class action cases at that time. His hard work in exposing consumer fraud allegations has been well-documented, including back-to-back successful jury verdicts in 2010.


According to the NPR article, the reason why consumers are up in arms over the battery-slowing debacle is that updates issued by Apple may have trigged the slow-down. Many more consumers may have went out and bought a new iPhone under the impression that a new model was available and theirs was on its way out. A Boston University law professor told the news outlet that for these lawsuits to be successful, it’s going to be essential to “show that Apple intentionally withheld information about slowing down the phones.” While doing so is characterized as an “uphill battle,” lawyer Jeffrey Benjamin will be watching to see what kind of arguments that the plaintiffs who’ve joined the class-action effort will claim.


At the moment, Mr. Benjamin’s practice focuses on cases of fraud and breach of contract claims. Since he and his partners mostly focus on investment fraud and property-related matters, Mr. Benjamin had no comment on Apple’s current situation. Still, consumers everywhere should be protected from fraud and a class action lawsuit is often one of the only ways t to hold large entities responsible for suspected poor business practices.

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